Tel Aviv, Israel’s second city, may not immediately be every traveler’s first pick as a tourist destination. But what a shame that is when you consider all that this city, set on the picturesque Mediterranean coast, has to offer visitors.

First up is the beach, although to call it ‘just a beach’ does it something of an injustice, as it is actually a magnificent strip of powdery white sand that extends the entire length of the city and on which visitors can relax in the sun or admire the view from one of the many cafes, bars, and restaurants that stretch along the beachfront.


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It may be known as the second city of Israel, but Tel Aviv is firmly thought of as the cultural capital, so make sure to go for a wander and experience some of the spectacular art on show at the Museum of Art or the UN preserved Bauhaus Center.

Finally, consider the fact that Tel Aviv is a firmly secular city and as such has a raging nightlife scene that may be unexpected to some visitors, so head out for a night on the town and explore the bars and clubs that keep going until the wee small hours.


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