When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life. It is as true today as when Samuel Johnson said it, back in the 1770’s.

London: home to the British royal family and home, too, to rule breaking artists ranging from the Sex Pistols to Banksy. Add in London’s tremendous financial power, its devotion to theater, and its position as the seat of England’s political power and you have a clash of interests and cultures that fuel London’s 24-hour-a-day energy.

Start with a tour of London’s newest style of artists, the street artists who come from around the world to paint the streets. Shoreditch is their home base, and Shoreditch Street Art Tours offer a fascinating look at murals, stencils, sculptures and more, many of which change on an almost-daily basis.

Now, for something completely different, you can move on to tea in Hyde Park at the Orangery. The Orangery is a part of Kensington Palace, and was built for Queen Anne in 1705. There can be few more traditionally British experiences than to hear the clatter of silver against fine china as dozens of scones are spread with clotted cream.


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For those who love food markets, combine a trip to the Eye of London, the Globe, the Tate Museum, or the National Theater – all on the South Bank of the Thames – with a visit to Borough Market. Borough Market, now celebrating its 1,000th birthday (yes, you read that right) is stuffed to the gills with quality produce, bakers, charcuterie, and restaurants and bars. Just like London, it’s where people from all backgrounds and cultures bring their crafts to make something new, wonderful, and uniquely British.


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Before you go, cook like you're already there.