Kruger Park is the jewel in the multi-faceted crown that is the South African public park system

The size of Israel, the park is home to a diverse set of ecosystems, ranging from grasslands and mixed woodlands closer to the south and central areas to dryer sandveld in the north. This diversity leads to a diversity of wildlife, including 336 tree species, 114 reptile species, 507 bird species and 147 mammal species. Visitors journey from around the world to view Kruger's wildlife, from abundant bird life to leopards, cheetahs, rhinos, wild dogs, and much much more.

Travelers from the United States will find this style of travel familiar to them if they think of it in the context of their own National Parks. Like Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon, visitors to the park must reserve their lodging many months to a year in advance, and while no one would call the lodging luxurious, it is certainly very comfortable and well set up for preparing at least a few of your own meals, if you are so inclined. (There are also a number of restaurants and shops, particularly in the south of the park, if you would rather concentrate on the wildlife rather than on cooking.) Like the U.S. national parks, no off-roading is allowed, but there are ranger tours that you can sign up for either in advance or when you get there. If you have time, it's advisable to mix a few ranger tours with your own self driving -- sunset tours are particularly good as you can stay out later with a ranger than you can by yourself.


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The camps in the south of the park (like Skukuza) are packed with wildlife, and also tend to be quite crowded; the camps in the middle (like Olifants) have have quite good wildlife and also feature spectacular views, and the camps to the north (like Shingwedzi) are more isolated, with quieter viewing of the wildlife, including the abundant bird life, that lives there.

No matter where in the park you chose to go, a safari here might be the best deal on the African continent, and it will certainly steal your heart. You'll need the extra money: you're almost certainly coming back.



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