Cairo is a city that needs almost no introduction. Really. Ask most people the world over to describe the city and you will doubtless get the same answers. The Pyramids (ok, technically they are in Giza), Tutankhamen’s death mask, the Nile, ancient mummies.

As such it goes without saying that a visit to Cairo would be incomplete without a stop at the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities to see eerily preserved mummies, the elaborate death mask of King Tut (as he is affectionately known), and a whole host of preserved and restored historical artifacts from Egypt’s many tombs.

Venturing to nearby Giza, there are of course the dominating Pyramids, a Wonder of the Ancient World, and a sight so iconic that it is almost hard to believe that you are there in person. Also located in Giza is the enigmatic statue of the Sphinx and for a slightly different take on the experience head out at night for the Sound and Light show that starts when night falls.


Like Cairo? You'll Love London


For a glimpse of Cairo both past and present, head to the similarly iconic Barrel Bar in the Windsor Hotel for some cold beer and Egyptian falafels, said to be the ancient equivalent of a veggie burger to the pharaohs. King Tut would be proud.


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